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Some say ya' troubled boy just because you like to destroy

Well, what's wrong with a little destruction?

IC contact post
Why hello there

J.O.F.Y. 8-9-2

"Of all answering machines in all the world, you had to call mine..."
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[contact post]
Ya all crazy
Fandom: Transfromer Prime

Character: Knock Out

Player LJ:  [info]lylith_st


Concrit post: Help me to improve~

[RL with Mirror! Rose]
Virus-  Shut the fuck up
[Set during the grab bag virus and after this thread.]

[Everything looked so much bigger and so less fragile as human. It was annoying to be so weak, so easy to kill, and Knock Out had enough of being a human even he has been one for less than 24 hours. Just and hour was an hour too much and when Roze suggested going out and doing something fun he took the opportunity. Anything to stop him from thinking about his disgusting looks. He asked for a worldhop and then waited for Roze to show up.]