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Some say ya' troubled boy just because you like to destroy

Well, what's wrong with a little destruction?

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[RL with Mirror! Rose]
Virus-  Shut the fuck up
[Set during the grab bag virus and after this thread.]

[Everything looked so much bigger and so less fragile as human. It was annoying to be so weak, so easy to kill, and Knock Out had enough of being a human even he has been one for less than 24 hours. Just and hour was an hour too much and when Roze suggested going out and doing something fun he took the opportunity. Anything to stop him from thinking about his disgusting looks. He asked for a worldhop and then waited for Roze to show up.]

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[It was sadly her own world still but at least it was a different town. People bustled by them and buildings that weren't exactly old fashioned but weren't new rose up all around him.

When Roze did arrive, she looked much more like the typical twenty year old than usual. She was happy, excited to be out of that town and finally somewhere fun.

Giving him a wink, she grabbed one of his hands.] Come on handsome, we're finding a bar.

[Knock Out looked at the people with narrowed eyes, studying them it was sow weird to have so many humans around...without any of them screaming or shotting at him, of course. he was glad that no other Deception knew what was goign on with their medic, the last thing Knock Out needed was to explain this to Starscream or Soundwave.

Rose's words cheered him up slightly (he considered himself anythings but hideous now that he had a human body) and he smirked at her.] Lead the way, lady.

[Even though she didn't know the location very well, she didn't have a lot of trouble finding a bar. Sadly, though it was open, it was still too early for it to be very busy.]

You'll have to stay late to get the full experience. There might even be some fights...

That sounds great, it will be just like home. [As they sit by the counter Knock Out wondered what sort of drink humans liked to drink when they needed a distraction.] And you do this often?

[Crossing her legs, she signaled for the bar tender with one slender finger before turning to her companion.] We're getting you some food and beer. If we don't start slow, you'll be out before it gets fun.

[In answer to the second question, her shoulders shrug.] Sometimes I do it more often.

Food? [Knock Out gave her a curious look.] I am used to drink, just not the same you do. But I would hate to miss all the fun.

People never has enough fun in my opinion. My boss specially, he needd to relax more often.

[When the bartender reached them, she order the beers and some sandwiches, and turned back to him.] I know! Everyone is so worried about responsibilities!

Oh I know. You have no idea the sort of people I have to work with. One would think that after 4 billion years in war they would learn how to relax..but no. That’s why I leave from time to time and go street racing.

[Even before the sandwiches come, he sets the beers in front of them. Knowingly, she smiles as she opens her.]

Ohh...you race cars? There's more of them in your world?

[He does the same and then give the sandwiches a curious look before to smirk enigmatically at Rose.]

I do as often as I can, but my racing skills is far superior than any other. Not as many as you might thing, I am considered a rarity.

We should have gone to your world, I would have liked to seen your car. [Smiling, she tilts the bottle toward him.] Cheers, sweety. [And takes a large sip, waiting for him to do the same.]

[And so he does, taking a sip from his won drink.] Hm..not a bad taste. Bitter.

My world..that's quite the screech of the world. [He picked up one sandwich and examined it.] My planet is dead and my people have been in war for billions years. I travel all around the universe.

[As if to lead by example, she took a larger gulp of hers.] Then you must be strong~. The weak ones are dead now.

[Roze, he liked the new you more and more as you spoke.]

I think one of you human express it better. A skinjob called Darwin mentioned the supremacy of the stronger beings over the weak ones to explain evolution. Let's say, Decepticons like me are much more evolved than others.

[Knock Out took a bite of his sandwich. He was no used to solid food, but if he found the sensation disgusting or enjoyable it wasn't show on his face.]

[She was more focused on his beer. The sandwich didn't exactly bring out the fun side of people.]

Decepticons? I haven't heard of you but I like the name.

[He was about to eat, no worries. He didn't try any food since he was turned a human and was hungry as well.]

Those so heard of us usually end dead, consider yourself lucky in that aspect Roze. I shouldn't even be here, but I have a penchant for doing what I shouldn't do as long as I can get away with it.

[Knock Out take another long sip of the beer.] and what was that drink called, you said?

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A beer. [And it was taking too long. Patience wasn't a virtue she possessed. A hand waved the bartender over and she ordered a vodka.] I'll get you something better.

Against better judgment, I trust you. [Once bartender came back witht he vodka and he tried it, KO blinked a few times.] That one's stronger.

That's the point sweetheart. That drunk, it will make you feel good soon enough.

Drunk, hm? At this point anything is better than feeling the way I am feeling now. [Because having a human body is just that disgusting to him. He takes another long sip of the drink.] But you shall drink too.

Those don't taste good enough for me but I'll order something different. [She grins...] How about we make it a game?

UH HUH............................♥

I love games. Do tell.

If I can hold my drinks longer than you can, I get to drive your car. If you win, you can buy anything you want and I'll pay.

The car part will need to wait until I'm back to normal but...alright.

[The grin looked entirely predatory. Once more, she waved the bartender over and moved forward to whisper in his ear. With nothing more than a nod, he left.]

Get ready for it.

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